My post:

I have no idea if you will all see this, but whatever.

To xyz777:

"Racism is not a series of isolated hate crimes."

I never said racism was simply this? 

And about POC committing hate crimes against white people: a. It never happens.  If it did, it would be all we ever saw on the news (which always protects the integrity and dignity of white people first and foremost) “

The do happen. How can you actually say “it never happens?” so surely?

Are you saying that the examples I mentioned within my post are not racist hate crimes? I clearly stated that the victims of these attacks were targeted due to their skin colour - white. In one case, the attackers were screaming abuse at the victim which was racist. If yelling “You white slag” is not racial abuse, then what is it? They didn’t have to bring in the fact she was white, did they? What is this if it is not a racist hate crime?

Also, in the UK, the Charlene Downes event was all over the news actually.

Most recently, one of our Members of Parliament (politicians) who is black was all over the news because she posted what was considered by many across the nation as a “racist” statement against white people on Twitter. Some going as far as saying she should be sacked from her position. 

So yes, racism towards white people; it is sometimes all over the news, just not as much as racism towards ethnics minorities. 

Yet this does not change the fact that the examples I gave are RACIST ISSUES which is the point I’m trying to make.

b. If POC did commit hate crimes against white people, it would be a tiny drop in the ocean of ways that whites have oppressed blacks, Hispanic people, etc. etc. since the very founding of the U.S.A.” 

I understand. However, this does not change the fact that the examples given are racist attacks. My point therefore is made. 

To luckythinks91:

Okay first of all, it’s “Racism= Prejudice + Power.” 

I simply quoted what the girl I was arguing with said.

Third of all watch this video:”

Oh…so because he states his opinion all over Youtube and there are lots of “likes” and agreeing comments, it means he and you are right? I watched the video twice and I understand the point he is making but I still disagree that PoC cannot be racist towards whites.”

I read the first link.

I never said that I thought that racism was simply “acts of meanness” like the racist attacks against whites I used as my examples. I realise it goes a lot deeper then that.

However, this does not change the fact that these attacks are indeed racist which is the point I am trying to make. 

"That is all."