I always go on about this issue, but just like in some games I’m a bit annoyed that there isn’t the choice to have a female character, I often get annoyed that in a lot of RPG games, you are unable to choose the race of your character.

There are so many people who just shrug the issue off and say “Well, it’s only a game.” But for some RPG players, you get really involved with the story line and plot and it’s nice to be able to create a character who is based on yourself.

I’m not stating that it’s “racist” that they don’t have the option to do this, it’s just something I’d love to see in the games I love! 

The main games I’m thinking of right now are Dragon Age and Dragon Age II, as they are my favourite RPGs at the moment.

I’ve heard so many arguments like:

"Well, Dragon Age is based on Medieval England, so why would there be black people?" 

It’s a fantasy game. I’m pretty sure Medieval England didn’t have dwarves, elves and monstrous beasts roaming it’s rolling, green meadows so having black and both Eastern and South Eastern Asian characters wouldn’t make the game any more or less strangethan it already is.

"Why would you want a character that looks like you?"

Why not? For me, simply because it would be nice…not a necessity, just nice. I remember watching Lord of the Rings when I was younger and wishing I could be an elf lol and then realising there were no black elves…..it’s nice to have a character you can identify with by race and put yourself more in their shoes. Imagine me trying to put myself in the shoes of a brunette with blue eyes and long flowing locks haha….

"You can  create black characters on Dragon Age…you just haven’t tried hard enough.”

Isn’t it a bit of an issue that I do have to try hard and patiently to make a black character? The whole point of my argument is just this. There should be a pre-set race option, in my opinion. The dark skin settings on Dragon Age and it’s sequel make my characters look ill…and not black. 

If Bethesda Game Studios can do it (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - the Redguard) Then I’m sure Bioware can do this in Dragon Age III :)