Simply when I noticed that to be considered “Beautiful” the majority of us require these elements which applies to both boys and girls:

a) Light or medium brown skin if you’re black. Or whatever if you’re mixed. Or Asian or white.

b) Long curly hair, long straight hair or some “cool” hairstyle where your hair is shaved off the sides… (girls obviously) 

c) A certain type of body ie. proper muscular if you’re a bloke and curvy or skinny with a flat  or toned stomach if you’re a girl.

This is the MAJORITY of the pics on this blog.

Where is the variety of “beautiful” people? Especially when in their FAQ they state that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” ….buuuuuuuullllshit. 

I sent them a message asking where is the variety of skin colours and body types, everyone looks the damn same. And they never replied. (as expected)

Just kind of annoyed me (especially when they ignored my message!!!). I am not unattractive.  I have my bad, insecure days a lot of the time, I even had to go to counselling (once…hated it, never again.) because of this particular issue…I had so many issues with myself about how I looked and tried to deal with them in really bad ways (not going into detail…)

….anyway, despite what I tell myself, I know I’m not unattractive, but according to this blog I am not considered as someone who is “beautiful” !!! Pfft. 

If you’re GOING to make a blog called “ultimate beauties” COVER THE WHOLE SPECTRUM!!!

I know PLENTY of girls who are dark-skinned and not mixed, both with and without long flowing natural hair who look ten times better than some of the girls on that page. I also know PLENTY of girls who don’t have the “ultimate” body shape that could still own a lot of the girls on the blog. Fuck, get it right! 

The world is so, so shallow and Tumblr is too… :s